Monday, February 1, 2010

handphone dilemma.. =(

wth =.=
i've never felt so outdated before weih.lem'me tell you why.currently my motorola hp(white) is dying..== and another thing is,i don't like my sony hp at all (the model).
i can buy new handphone :D

but wtf..blame my outdate-ness..
i went to search for handphone but i was like 'erm..which want ar..?'
can someone or anyone recommend something??
i'm in a state of dilemma here ==
not only that la,i have this stupid frickle minded attitude ><
i can't stay long with something and also very 'rambang mata'..LOL..everything also i want la xD
anyway, short-listed a few that i'm gonna consider :)

sony erricson C903

total of 3 colours available :D


sony erricson T707

i ♥ this black one :D

Thursday, January 28, 2010

T's wording addict

i am so talkative & loud :D

tehee...loving the T's
just only bought since a week ago.damn nice la the shirt
especially the words.. xD
my dad spotted the T's and he was like 'why dont you buy this..? you talk alot mah' == true :D

got all the T's at Brands Outlet at Aeon Bukit Tinggi.i dont know why i just love going there :D
but what's good is that the T's are so cheap
i bought 4 pairs so its RM50 + RM19.90
hehe..very cheap already la
i went in and saw so many nice T's
nearly want to take all designs..hehe..*so impossible*

damn babi la..i'm definately going there again this weekend to buy my T's
not to forget..! i want Giordano's T's
damn bloody expensive >
but i am buying... =D
so gonna spend my next pay check for CNY..

Friday, January 8, 2010

teheeeee....! :D

5th day of school..can say as not bad but still abit boring..
but heck..!
i don't know how much yet..*arrgghh* hope its gonna be a whole lot of money...i worked so hard you know... =P

another thing is..i wonder whether should i change my blogskin...hhhmm..
i'm not good at those HTML thingy yet..
i scared later my blog will turn ugly....hehehhe..
and i'll never get to make another nice blogskin again...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

oh..the new sweetheart :D

As the new year comes..i got a new present too :D :D
its an Acoustic Guitar ( Toms )
bought from Aeon Mall at Yamaha Music shop..
i like the shape of this i choose this instead of the common shape that is much similiar to the classical guitar.
me,being a beginner needs to really really work hard on the chords and stuff.
even my fingers hurts so bad.. ><
i thought it'd be easier to play a guitar but its not..but anything can be done if you had the heart to do it right? =)
p.s:: daddy bought i don't have to come out any money..yay!!

since last time i've always wanted to play this damn freaking i finally get one..i mean..instead of just talking and do nothing (NATO) there's no point right? so now imma start learning how to play this 'thing'..haha

Those of you out there who might find this guitar 'LAME'..i don't care la =P
i'll upgrade to a new one as soon as i know how to play ( pro ) =D
currently i'm learning a song which i wanted to perform one day..hehe
so here's some snapshots of my new sweetheart ^_^

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year :D

okay okay..!!!
2010 is here..!! and i'm 17..(16+++++)
you know what..i hate to know that i'm gonna leave school soon,one more year and i'm out.i'm wondering where i'll go to next time.
how many months more?? don't exactly know..but i know that time flies faster than bullet train :P

New beginning
so now i'm in a new class..5 BUDI..yeap :)
students in there are okay..just need to get to know them a lil more closer..hehe
whatever it is..this year is the year i must really really show what i can more slacking or pigging or whateverla :D

::my new year resolutions::

1] study harder
2] _ _ , _ _ _ _ (cnt tell..hehe)
3] practice guitar
4]sing harder
and bla bla bla.... =D

so before the school start...i went out jalan jalan..
went to places like Pyramid..Aeon Mall..101 mall..and ate at the makan place facing the lake view...(damn nice view) and few more places..

my sakae plates..and stuff..haha xD

the shop design attracted me..i like the sharp ball hanging there..hehe :D

ordered GyuDon rice..and my bro's unagi so called wood bowl..*yummmy*

anyway...i missed my working place... ><
worked there for 1 month..i love the place..peoples are nice..gaaahh...why time fly so fast 1...??! ><

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bye My Little White Paw [Nikki] ..♥ ♥

sorry for not updating my blog..


yesterday [2.12.2009] , my 4 months old puppy [ nikki ] died..i was at work when i received the call from my sister..i regret for not giving her much attentions these few days..damn i hate how i feel now..since last 3 days..she's not eating..and drink less..and worst part is that..she's really really quiet..not like her usual self..cheerful and hyper..we sensed something is wrong but we tried our best to keep her happy..
and before i go to work yesterday..i went to her and gave her a pat and soft rub on her head..told her to eat more and be my cheerful Nikki again..she didnt respond like how she used to.(standing and wiggle her tail staring with her beautiful eyes) i even told her that after i got my first pay check,i'll bring her to the vet..and pampered her with those dog stuff..but it looks like she didnt want to wait..
after i got the call i cant help it but cry..i wanted to run back home..but its too late...there's nothing else i can do..

she's really special..and no other dogs can replace her..i cant write long..because..erm..tears are dropping more and more if i kept on yea..thats all for now..
My Baby Nikki will always stay in our memories..and never shall fade..


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mooncake Festival..!! :D

Mooncake Festival started yesterday..
during the day..went shopping..and also bought some lanterns and candles..hehe
then in the family and i played until huh :D
suprisingly..many of my neighbours came out to play yea..all of us had a real good fun..
and it was kinda windy too..the weather was seriously nice and calm :D
not only that,but it looks like the whole USJ6/3A was so colourful that night.. ^^
ate mooncake and stuff.. =)
so here are some snapshots by me :D

me lighting the lantern..=D
all waxy..LOL

working as a team :D
alot ryte..=D
red lantern :D
this was last year's lantern (seahorse)..its the only one left..LOL

some got burned...xP
see...many of my neighbours played lanterns too..hehe..

so thats all for this post..will try to update more often though..
finals is in 2 weeks time...!!!!! (woot) :O

Daddy's 41st Birtday was on the 1st October..
hehe..went out to Bukit Tinggi for lunch...ate at Kim Gary..
then shop a while...and head straight to 1 Utama for shopping again.. =D
nothing much i can post bout this because was busy walking around..and didnt manage to snap many pictures too..

Kim Gary =D

Daddy's cake :D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

yesterday went to the hill with wern,parvin,laura,soo li and also pok...

played a game called CHUBBY BUNNY...yeap
stuffed in marshmallow one by one..and say chubby bunny everytime you stuff in 1 marsh in ur mouth...


me- 11
wern- 10
pok- 15..!
parvin- 14
laura- 11
soo li- 7

big mouth we have there huh...LOL :P

the marshmallow :D

wern and pok...haha

me,wern,pok *chubby chubby* :P

laura and her marsh..haha

me and laura...=D

like what wern said...' i love the lamppost' :D

nw wern love it too.. =D

i love this pic alot..haha..=D
guess where am i ?? :P
parvin busy jogging...LOL...didn't took any pic with her :(

then try to guess what happenned...i was walking walking walking..then accidently stepped on a dead rat..!!
eeeeeee....wern stopped and took a pic of it..hahaha...pity the dead rat..x)


srry posted it so late...hehe

On that day..went to Sunway Pyramid to celebrate Ai Lin's birthday..she belanja..THANK YOU..!
Ate at BBQ Plaza then watched movie..FINAL DESTINATION..rock! :D
here's sum pic of us...cnt upload alot cuz lag..=P

birthday girl...=D

she cried...LOL...too touched ady :P

her sweet 16th cake...fabulous..psst..taken by me :D

taken by parvin :D nice

group pic..! :D


me and wern...<3

another pic..cnt see me..haha :P


that's all for this post...there is more to come
for those who always visit my blog but then i didn't srry....

Of Blogger. By F.A.D. For You :)